Strategic Action Plan

In 2012, the Fairfield County Regional Conservation Partnership (FCRCP) realized we needed to have a set of deeper conversations among our members in order to develop a plan for the future.  Specifically, we needed to answer the following questions:

  • What actions did we wish to take in partnership?
  • Which of these are most important?
  • Which may require funding and/or assistance to be successful?

Beginning in March 2013, our nine-member Steering Committee began to carefully answer these important questions. Monthly Steering Committee meetings, two full Partnership meetings, and on-line surveys captured the concerns, ideas, and priorities of members from over 20 organizations and agencies.

Completed in June 2014, our Strategic Action Plan has three goals, 21 strategies and 53 actions to pursue over the next five years. This, in turn, led to our new Vision and Mission Statement.

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