Who Are We?

The Fairfield County Regional Conservation Partnership (FCRCP) is a voluntary association of 28 conservation land trusts, Conservation Commissions and other like-minded organizations in a 23-town area in southwestern CT. Since 2008, the FCRCP has supported its partners through collaborative sharing and learning. As the partnership grew, we began thinking bigger, ultimately turning our momentum into collective action across town boundaries to address regional environmental challenges.

Our partnership serves as a pioneer in large landscape conservation in urban and suburban landscapes. Conventional conservation projects, which are typically completed one property at a time, do not necessarily advance regional objectives and may result in a fragmented and disrupted landscape.  Large landscape conservation and stewardship, however, provide key benefits to society beyond those achieved by smaller piecemeal projects, such as healthy watersheds and forests, sustainable populations of fish and wildlife, and protection from floods and storms.  Such values are especially precious in urban and suburban areas under high development pressure.

The FCRCP is part of a growing movement of 40 Regional Conservation Partnerships (RCPs) in New England. The overarching goal of many of these partnerships is to advance conservation so that, by 2060, 70% of New England will be permanently protected from development, thus achieving the objective set by the Wildlands and Woodlands Vision.

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