Increase Pace & Scale of Land Protection and Connectivity

We strive to increase the pace and scale of land protection and connectivity by:



  • Developing a strategic regional conservation map showing focus areas for Fairfield County
  • Zeroing in on landowners that already have an interest in conserving their land
  • Creating a landowner database for each member group focus area
  • Attending Land Use Leadership Alliance training sessions and the 2014 Land Trust Alliance Rally
  • Bringing in corporate partners to speak to the economic benefits of open space
  • Informing municipal boards about the benefits of conservation

Conservation across town and state lines

  • Educating local Planning & Zoning commissions about connectivity
  • Making science and economic research more accessible to towns and the public
  • Drawing in groups from surrounding regions so we do not work in a box
  • Polling the public’s support for land conservation


  • Informing people of the connection between open space and clean water
  • Training volunteers in the “Keeping Track” wildlife tracking program
  • Preparing a PowerPoint on landscape ecology and watershed conservation in CT
  • Writing educational material on rain gardens and low impact development
  • Messaging on such topics as “Why donate to your land trust or town”

Capital for acquisitions

  • Producing a series on conservation finance for member groups
  • Participating with the CT Land Conservation council in lobbying for open space funding
  • Using funding by Forest Legacy, private capital campaigns, bonding and grants

Donated land and easements

  • Creating a multi-year publicity campaign for donating land and easements
  • Using landowner activities to ID those most interested in donating land or easements
  • Raising funds to pay due diligence costs associated land conservation

Natural resources zoning

  • Educating members on approaches to zoning regulations that conserve open space while providing for development
  • Bringing about a regional approach to open space planning in municipal Plans of Conservation and Development



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