Strengthen Partner Groups

We strive to strengthen our partner organizations by:



  • Training members in methods for engaging landowners
  • Supplying ‘copy’ to aid groups in increasing their visibility
  • Developing a brochure as an outreach tool
  • Building a Facebook page supporting local land trusts
  • Organizing a regional communications working group
  • Developing messaging to attract kids and parents
  • Guiding members in the creation of successful membership campaigns
  • Developing communication to attract those otherwise busy with families and professions.
  • Polling younger members on their topics of interest
  • Creating an ‘aura’ around land trusts
  • Conducting peer-to-peer educational opportunities


  • Applying together as members for funding from federal and private sources
  • Researching and compiling information on relevant grants
  • Developing a process to initiate grant proposals
  • Getting corporations to the table
  • Creating PowerPoint presentations for potential donors
  • Examining grant opportunities for open space parcels


  • Understanding how the ‘circuit rider’ program might be applied in our region
  • Collaborating between staff and volunteers on specific projects


  • Acquiring funding to assist member land trusts in becoming accredited

Empowering Conservation Commissions (CCs)

  • Convening CCs as their own group
  • Training Conservation Commissioners to better understand their legal mandates
  • Teaching CCs how to conduct public education sessions specifically to get science to the “person on the street”
  • Aiding CCs in writing low impact development regulations for consideration by towns
  • Helping to inventory natural resources













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